Career Opportunities & Internship

You can apply to Nergal Global Company and its affiliates or general practice. Open positions (if any) are as listed below.

- Web Design Specialist (Codeigniter, Laravel, PHP)

- Business Management Specialist (Stock, Product Tracking)

- Sales Representative (Regional Sales Portfolio)

- Blogger (SEO, Original Content Manager)

- Graphic Design Specialist (Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Adobe InDesign, After Effects)

Once your résumé reaches us, your application will be pre-evaluated. You will be contacted if your qualifications match the qualifications you are seeking in the position you are applying for. The resumes submitted to our general application announcement are evaluated for all future positions. Your applications will only be examined by Nergal Turkey Human Resources and all applications will be evaluated within the framework of confidentiality. You can contact us on the Contact Us page for more detailed information about the application requirements. If you feel you have met the requirements, please send us an email to apply: [email protected]

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