How to Sell?

Selling is very easy and profitable in Nergal. You can display or auction your products in minutes by filling out the store application form.

1 - Store Application

You need to fill out a form to open a store. You can reach this form by clicking on the sell button.

2 - Approval Process

If your request to open a store has been approved, you can display or auction your products. If your request to open a store is not approved, you can contact us on the Contact Page and get detailed information.

3 - Product Information

In this step, you must fill in the following fields.
- Product photos
- Product title and sub-title
- Product price, quantity and sales type
- Product features
- Product descriptions
- Cargo information & city selection

4 - Plan Selection

Once you have entered all the information, there will be three plan models. You can wait a bit if you've picked up paid plans and made the payment. If you choose a free plan, your product will be approved immediately.

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